Fun Road Series Ride

Fun Road Series Ride is the cycling campaign which avoid having to hit major provincial highways and county roads during our biking activities. We have planned and incorporated roads and bikeways at every township into our route map so that with less disturbances from cars, every scenic spot could be picked and linked together. With gradual promotion for the concept of around-island biking highways and leisure biking, bikers will not only race with winds but also find the biking environment suitable for themselves. Discovering the beauty of every place in Taiwan, they will be able to experience more through in-dept tours via biking.

Off-main-road Series-Non-speed-racing Events: Held four times annually in Taiwan, the well-planned routes pass through specially-featured scenic spots so that besides biking, they will also learn more about local customs and cultures, as well as the scenery, at every locality in Taiwan. Biking activities will feature more diversity and realize the ideal of leisure and fun biking. There are four rides a year, including Fun Road North shore in Spring, Fun Road Yilan in Summer, Fun Road Miaoli in Autumn, and Fun Road Tinan in Winter.

  Explore Yilan
Yingge Ceramics Culture Trip
North Coast & Fisherman’s Wharf
North Shore & Yilan Hot Spring Tour
Shih-Men Dam & 17K Splendid Coastline Tour
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