In hot summer days, children have scented the summer with excitement. Parents are also pondering on how to plan the activities during the two-month of summer break for kids so they will enjoy their summer-time with fun through sunny activities. Meanwhile, during cold winter days, children tend to stay at home. Parents will also have hard time to plan about how their kids should spend their winter time with healthy and fun activities. Thus, at FLCA, our summer and winter camps are absolutely worthy choices.

Summer and Winter Leisure Biking Camps: Through letting kids ride bicycles and take on responsibilities in leading, cooperating, and rear guarding during biking trips, as well as having them successfully complete the journey via goal-passing games through which they will reach their final destination, we will enhance their abilities to cope with adversity they will experience externally and cultivate their teamwork and leadership spirits so that they will enjoy the accomplishments from completing the trip and share about this joyful experience through which their parents will be proud of.

Based on these principles, FLCA will regularly hold summer and winter leisure biking camps in a hope that through interactions between kids and grown-ups in the sport of cycling, kids will develop diverse interests and specialties, full-fledged personal charisma, and, more importantly, a decent attitude of living.
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